Thursday, March 5, 2009

positive affirmations for jenn!

These are the affirmations that my dietitian and I came up with this week, and I carry them around with me EVERYWHERE I go so I can read them often and hopefully start to believe them soon!

Each day is a step closer to recovery & health.

I am strong for choosing treatment.

I will be patient with myself.

I need to trust my body & allow it to heal.

My body needs time to accept that I am going to allow it to have food, and I will be patient & loving as it goes through this process.

I have the will, the strength, & the desire to continue working on recovery.

I am building physical strength to be able to cope with emotional needs.

I deserve to eat. I deserve to be healthy & happy.

There is a strong, intelligent, & capable person inside of me. I am letting her take over my life more & more each day as I am ready.

Letting go of anorexia is scary & overwhelming but I NEED to do it, I CAN do it, & I WILL do it.

If I am only thinking of food & weight - what am I avoiding thinking?

It is my right & my joy to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

You are who you are. NOT who you used to be.

Everyone has a different body, perfect & unique to them.

I accept you, my body, and I will do everything I can to support you in healing & recovery.

My body is a miracle. It is a blessing to care for & nourish it with food.

My worth is not determined by food or weight.

Both my physical & emotional well-being literally depend on my healthy choices.

I am ready to say goodbye to the me of the past & hello to the healthy new me.

Too much or too little food numbs my feelings & erases (takes away) my ability to be free & alive.

Food is neither good nor bad. But in moderation, ALL foods provide nourishment for my body, mind, & soul.

I deserve to reach & maintain a healthy weight.

I am loveable & I am loved!


  1. You are BEYOND loved! And you deserve this more than anyone!

  2. You are an amazing person Jenn Bybee! I love ya so much! I think I need my own montra to recite each day because yours was so inspiring. Just reading it makes me want to be better and love my body more. You are doing great! Keep on truckin.