Thursday, March 5, 2009

weight gain = staying out of inpatient!

I was able to gain some weight this past week so, my treatment team didn't give me the usual threats about thinking I need to be admitted as inpatient. It was a nice change. In my session with the dietitian, we talked about positive affirmations (see earlier post) and also about the amount of food I am eating. I FEEL like I am eating A LOT of food but she says that I am not eating as much as I think I am. Especially since she wants me to be steadily gaining weight each week. She says that "my" perception about food and what is too much and too little is WAAAYYY off! Okay, so maybe that is true, but it still doesn't make it any easier to eat and follow my meal plan when I feel like I am eating too much! and never hungry

Anyway, then in my session with my therapist, we talked about the fact that I have been super discouraged lately and we talked about ways that I can re-charge and re-commit to recovery. He said that because of the place I am in health wise, I don't really have any room to keep sliding backwards. I said "But I gained weight this week!" And he said "That's really good, so let's keep it up! I want you to come in next week and say the same thing to me."

That is all for now cause I am too tired to think. But I had a REALLY good Balance & Mindful Eating group this week that I want to write about - so I will try to post that soon. :)

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