Sunday, July 12, 2009

a new psychiatrist, and the gastroenterologist

Last Friday I had an appointment with a new psychiatrist, who specializes in eating disorders. She is going to help me find the right meds and the right combinations (because honestly, medical doctors don't really know when it comes to ed's unless they are very knowledgeable when it comes to them, and the one I currently have doesn't really know but she wants to learn MORE about ed's so I am kind of like her experiment???). So I was put on new meds and I am really feeling the side effects - but hopefully they will start to go away soon! My body tends to be more sensitive to drug side effects than the average person. Our session was two hours long, because it was our first time meeting and she wanted to really assess me.

Then, I had an appointment with my gastro doctor. We talked and he checked out my chronic bloated and distended tummy since I have started to eat again and stopped the l's & d's, and he increased my dose of the meds he is having me take. I REALLY hope they work!!!


  1. Hey Jenn. Question about the tummy meds: what are you taking?

    I ask because I have bloat issues (and pain) but it's IBS, not re-feeding. Let me know if they do help with that yucky bloat!

  2. I hope the changes help you to feel more comfortable. Love ya.

  3. Hey girly! One of the meds I am taking is a newer one on the market so I am not sure if you have heard of it or not. It's called Amitiza and it actually helps alot with IBS too! You should totally talk to your doc about trying it!!! I use it for my severe consitpation and bloating and water rentention.


    me ;)

  4. I tried that one for a while but it didn't work for me. But maybe 1) I was on too low of a dose or 2) I didn't stay on it long enough to give it a fair trial.

    I go to the GI doc Aug 27 so I will see what she says then. Hopefully they'll be able to squeeze me in earlier though because that's a long time to wait!