Saturday, December 12, 2009

I have decided to embrace it...

I have been dreading this day because I hate getting older - especially when I feel like I haven't accomplished hardly anything - BUT, after talking about it with a few people, I have decided that I need to embrace this year. Because this could be an awesome and wonderfully exciting year...right??? This could be the year that I am finally able to break the chains of this illness and regain my life, my dreams, and my soul. So, I refuse to dwell on this post about all of the reasons why I regret my 20's, and how I feel like my hopes and dreams have all passed me by... and how I am still single, not be married with children, graduated from school, in a career I love and am passionate about, ect... 

Life doesn't always work out as we thought it would when we were wild-eyed dreamers in high school with the whole world ahead of us. And I am not going to compare myself to everyone around me (well, I will at least try my hardest not to!). Because we all walk different paths and this was my path - for reasons I don't understand but hope and pray someday I might - and all I can do is move forward. I don't want to be constantly living in the past, living in my regrets, and most of all living with this illness in my head and controlling my thoughts, emotions, feelings, and behaviors 24/7!!! Because those are the things that get in the way of your dreams, your passions, your hope, your laughter, your peace, your relationships, your spirituality, your life!

Because those are the things I so desperately long for!!!


  1. Well said my friend!
    I agree with you we can't dwell on the past or spend all our energy dwelling on what we don't have. It would be a waste of our lives and would only make us feel worse.

    Life never turns out the way we think it should but if we trust in the Lord knowing that he knows what is best for us and if we do our best to do the things we know we should do, everything will turnout right.
    There are always going to be bumps in the road because we are here to learn and grow and our lives here on this earth would be wasted if we didn't have the hardships and trials to grow from. Not that it's any easier knowing that at the time we are struggling but, after we have overcome a trial we can look back and be grateful for what we have learned and how it has changed us for the better.

    I love ya and I am grateful to be your friend.
    Happy Birthday Jennabee!
    I truly hope you enjoy your day.

  2. Hope your 29th birthday celebration went well... And we can assume that it did, since you and I partied together! :)


  3. Definitely well said. Let's hope and work towards an amazing year focusing on ourselves and improving our lives and not comparing to the things others have or appear to have. I think great things can come our way so let's make it amazing! HUGS!!!