Friday, January 15, 2010

gymnastics meet tonight!

I am excited to go to the University of Utah gymnastics meet tonight! I love going to meets because it reminds me of my youth and my own training as a gymnast.

Gymnastics (and ballet) were a huge part of my life and even though I wasn't able to achieve all of the goals that I had for myself and my's okay, because when I look back on my life and the role that gymnastics played in it - I mostly have positive memories. Gymnastics was (and still is) a huge passion of mine.

One of my favorite memories is of Christmas 1994. My best friend at the time, and I both got beams for Christmas! I can still remember how excited I was and how we both thought it was so funny and so awesome that both of our dads got them for us that same Christmas...hmm, I still wonder if they were in on it together! I loved that thing so much and when I wasn't at the gym - I was at home practicing on it (and the mats that I had gotten the year before). It was one of the best presents I have ever gotten for Christmas!

But sadly...a few years ago, we had to get rid of it. After I graduated high school and moved out - I tried taking it will me, and I did bring it to some of the apartments I lived in (remember my beam being in our living room Mandy?) But I moved too often and some places were smaller than others so I had to take it back to my parents house. Well, after a few years - they were kind of tired of storing it and it was really in the way - so, eventually...I had to say goodbye to it.

R.I.P. my favorite present ever!!!


  1. I used to have a beam on the floor. We also used to have a covered foam barrel and mats. I don't even know how it all fitted to be honest! It was also cool cause mum was a relatively high level judge and a qualified coach.... so it was like having free training a lot! I had to quit though, exceptionally flexible people should not be gymnasts... or at least not if they want to stay off crutches!

    One day we can watch the gymnastics together :D

    *mwah* xoxo

  2. Oooh, I LOVE gymnastics. I did gymnastics and ballet for quite a few years, though I have to admit - I didn't make a very good gymnast! I enjoyed it though, and miss it. I love watching it. Hope you had fun.

  3. The meet was super fun!!! And I am excited because we have tickets to the regionals for collegiate gymnastics (because Utah is hosting it this year!) It's not until April but I am super excited!!

    I didn't know your mom was a judge!>! That is really cool! :)

  4. I love gymnastics! And you are SO lucky that you had a beam!!!! All I had was a trampoline. I really wanted a bunch of tumbling mats because I was obsessed with tumbling. The beam is amazing but I was always afraid of it. What kind of tricks could you do on it?

  5. Jennabee,
    I DO REMEMBER THE BEAM IN OUR FRONT ROOM! Good memories. :) I'm glad you enjoyed the meet so much and I am sorry that you had to get rid of your beam. I have a few things that I loved but had no choice but to get rid of throughout the years too, it's quite sad.