Friday, January 22, 2010

me and my books

I have a serious addiction to books! I love to read...a little too much maybe...but I don't care because it is one of my coping methods and a way that I can distract from the obsessiveness that is my anorexia. My favorite type of books are memoirs/biographies. But I also do love my novels as well!! I love how books can take you to places and run wild with all sorts of emotions. I love how they can inspire you and lift you up. I love how they can distract you (if even for a moment) from the chaos of your own life as you wrap yourself into the love story, mystery, action, adventure, thriller, tear-jerker - whatever it may be! I should take a picture of my bookcase and post it on here because the amount of books I have is seriously ridiculous and might very well be leaning towards the side of "unhealthy?" - but there are worse things to be addicted too (which I know all too well, unfortunately). But I don't care, because books make me happy and they are not destructive like a lot of my habits seem to be...

And since we are on the subject of books - I went and saw The Lovely Bones over the weekend with Leticia and it was so good! It is an intense (and sometimes hard to watch movie) so good! And I was happy to see that it followed the book pretty dang closely! It definitely did the book justice (and dare I say, was maybe even a bit better than the book?) I mentioned to my therapist in our session this week that I saw the movie and he was like "What is up with all of you guys and this movie? What is this movie about? Because so many of my clients have told me this past week that they have seen this movie??" I think that he was starting to get concerned that this was some kind of eating disorder-related movie or something. And I just had to laugh cause yes, judging by the title of this book I can see why he was thinking that... but it has nothing to do with eds at all.


  1. i love reading memoirs too, anything really! have you read marching powder?

  2. Hi. I read your blog. I think I started following it without telling you first.
    And...I like books, too! Lots!
    And...Ive been hearing all these mixed opinions on The Lovely Bones [film] so I'm now thinking I should go check it out for myself!

  3. I haven't heard of Marching Powder, but now I am curious!!

    Yes, for sure, go and see The Lovely Bones - great movie and it will make you cry!

  4. Oooh I love auto/biographies too!!!! YAY! You and I are WAY similar... the more I know you the more I realise how similar we are (for good and bad I think!).

    Love you miss *hugs* xo

  5. marching powder is an autobiagraphy of tomas mc fadden, he was put in a prizon is south america in la paz, and its the most interesting story, its a prison but its a community run on money... kids and famili8es live inside the prison, and youi have to buy a cell in different areas of wealth.. its crazy, tourists go inside, cocaine is made theire and tourists do coke with inmates etc. its really out there, but really true and interesting

  6. At least a book addiction is better than having a porn addiction or something, right? (Look at me always looking to the bright side of life!)

    P.S. I will bring you more books to read on Wednesday when I pick you up from said parking lot.

    Love ya!

    Have the most amazing week ever! :)