Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What is holding me back???

Ugh, looking for a job has been slow and frustrating. I will be honest and say that the reason why (I can blame the economy all I want - but the truth of the matter is that) going out everyday and applying for job after job after job after job after job... is waaaaaaay out of my comfort zone and especially lately because that comfort zone seems to have been getting smaller and smaller. And I don't like feeling or doing things that are out of my comfort zone (insert here: one of the causes of my anorexia) But! That is no excuse! And I need to step it up and step out into that crazy and scary world of job applications, interviews,and ... gasp...rejection! It has been so much easier for me to avoid and try to hide from the fact that I need a job than it would be to deal with and face my fears. I am not a super out-going person, especially when it comes to looking for jobs. But again, I need to remind myself that it's no excuse!!!
So, I am re-commiting to my job searching adventures right here, right now.


  1. I SO sympathize with you! There is nothing so anxiety producing and downright DEPRESSING as job hunting! I'm sure that now more than ever it's incredibly tempting to just turn back to the comfort of anorexia and sooth yourself in the most destructive way possible, but you have the strength and the ability to handle those negative emotions without it. Prove that to yourself and to everyone else. To create a life (which I know you want, I can sense it in all of your posts) you have to go through this extreme uncomfortable-ness (like that word??) but it's SO worth it because then you'll finally have freedom!

  2. arrgh job hunting sucks1 I hope you find something soon, if for no other reason than that you won't have to look anymore! Have you considered a temp agency? I have done that before and it's nice because they find you the job and you don't have to go through the whole ordeal of applying/waiting for a call back.
    Good luck!

  3. Job hunting is frustrating for everyone. It's very annoying and draining! And rejection blows, of course.

    Just try to stay positive, eat! so you have energy and can THINK, and just keep at it! Best of luck. :)

  4. Hey hunni,

    How is the job hunting going?? I know its hard and scary.

    I don't know about you... but for me, I HAVE a new job (I start tomorrow *enter fear stage right*) but right now, I just don't want the pressure of work and money etc.... It feels like its just so damn overwhelming and exhausting to start and concentrate and have to do anything more than the bare minimum right now... I'm wondering if mayb eyou can relate to that too.

    Sweetie, I'll be praying that the perfect job comes along really quickly for you and that it will be one that you love and helps you move forward.

    Love you xo