Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Repair What Is Broken In Me

Dear God,

I know that with You nothing is impossible.
But sometimes my life feels like an impossible project.
Old wounds, crumbled dreams, and
Missed opportunities litter my path.
Some of me lies in ruins.
Some things feel as if they can never be fixed.
But You are a relentless redeemer, Lord.
Even now You are kneeling in the rubble of my life,
Looking for ways to turn bad to good,
To restore what is broken,
To renew what is worn out,
To revive what is dying or dead.
Today I invite You,
Builder of temples, healer of hearts,
To have your way in repairing what is broken in me
Until that day when I leave
This damaged home
And I become perfect in Yours.



  1. I am speechless, Jenn. You writing is SO beautiful! You are amazing! Thanks for your great blog. It needs to be a book some day :)

  2. Jennabee,
    That's so Beautiful! I love ya girl!