Thursday, February 4, 2010

sitting on the floor in my room...

this morning with all my school and fashion stuff next to me. It's a bittersweet moment as I packed most of it up and put it away in my closet. Not forever, just for the moment. It needs to be this way right now. I need to focus on my recovery. I need to heal. I need to strengthen my body. I need to strengthen my soul. I need to take a step back and evaluate the things in my life that might be causing this vulnerable girl to fall. We all have "hidden" triggers and it's so important to try to find those things and remove them from our lives. And it's not necessarily forever - it's just until I can get a better hold on my recovery.


  1. hey i just found your blog:) i really related to reading through your posts, sometimes i feel like im havin to put literally everything on hold until i get a better grip on my recovery again...but in recognising that its needed-well thats awsome, and one of the best things to help you in your recovery:) sorry i waffle a lot, but hope you get what i mean! haha i belive in pink too!(especially pink bows!)
    take care
    Vic x

  2. i think is a very brave and necessary thing to do. good for you!

  3. You're a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for. Even taking the step to recovery is huge, so huge. You are doing awesome. I know sometimes it doesn't feel like it, believe I know, but you are still doing it. It won't be forever that you have to put the things that trigger you and that you love away. One day you will get those things out and you will be strong and you will love yourself and you will look back and go - oh my gosh, look at me now. You can do it ;-)