Monday, February 22, 2010

struggle to eat

I am struggling to eat. I am hardly ever able to eat enough anyway (according to treatment team), but lately the eating is slowly starting to disappear again. My "safe" foods are becoming very limited again.

I am coping with the emotions that are going on in my head by numbing them out (or trying to). There is just too much in my world right now that I am unable to cope any other way it seems.

Sorry if this post is such a downer... I just feel I need to express this instead of keeping it hidden away and to myself.


  1. Sorry to hear things are difficult right now - I know it can be hard to eat when there's so much going on in life to deal with, but if you stop eating your brain and body won't be as well equipped to deal with any stress life throws at you.

    Please be nice to deserve recovery and happiness :-) It is possible and you will get there.

    Sarah x

  2. I'm sorry to hear that Jenn. We are praying for you! Like Sarah said, you need to eat to keep on top of ED, but then you already know that huh :).

  3. Jennabee,
    I know you can do this! That food is your life line right now, Hold on to it. Fight for yourself Jenn. Do it for you and all of us who love you so much. I know YOU CAN do this! Please don't give up. Ask our Heavenly Father for the strength and comfort you need to get through this. YOU CAN DO THIS!

  4. I'm sorry you are feeling like this Jenn. I know it's hard but if you don't eat, you won't be able to think and it will just go downhill really fast. I'm thinking of you and hoping you can get the strength to keep fighting.

  5. Being able to admit that you are struggling right now is so much better than keeping it inside. You can do this though. This is just a small bump that you can overcome. I'm thinking about you, Jenn.

  6. Keep hanging in there, Jenn. I love you.