Monday, March 8, 2010

my list of 100

A few friends have done these lists on their blogs and it has inspired me to come up with my own list. It's 100 things I want to do in the next 5 years. Some of these things I have done before, and some I haven't but I am excited about my list and I can't wait to start crossing things off and having fun along the way!

1. learn to trust myself and others.
2. take ballet classes again.
3. learn to cook.
4. feel the fear and do it anyway!
5. reach and maintain a healthy weight!
6. finish writing my first book.
7. go to the temple.
8. have an 80's movies marathon.
9. learn how to add spices, herbs, and seasonings to foods.
10. take kickboxing classes.
11. go back to school and finally get my degree.
12. set healthy boundaries with people.
13. get married.
14. have a baby.
15. be healthy enough so I am able to get pregnant and carry a baby full term.
16. gain a testimony of the gospel.
17. bear my testimony in church.
18. buy myself a new sewing machine.
19. spend more time with my family.
20. host a surprise party for someone I love.
21. finally get my own laptop.
22. go on a road trip with friends.
23. join a book club.
24. no longer feel guilty or anxious when I eat foods that are not on my "safe foods" list.
25. buy me a dress form (which I want so bad).
26. write letters and cards to family and friends and mail them (people never do this anymore...)
27. take yoga classes with my older sister.
28. own over 100 pairs of shoes!
29. write an inspirational / recovery song.
30. get more involved in charity work.
31. go an entire week wearing the first thing I put on in the mornings.
32. have a game night with all my siblings.
33. start attending 12 step groups again & make those steps a part of my daily recovery and life.
34. go on a shopping spree!
35. love my body - no matter it's size!
36. open up and be more social.
37. take a vacation to New York City
38. be a mentor for young girls struggling with ED's.
39. attend church regularly.
40. cook a guy dinner.
41. believe that I deserve to be happy.
42. adopt a puppy.
43. go rock climbing.
44. open up my own clothing boutique or be working in fashion in some way.
45. let go of my past and the things that hurt and finally be able to move forward.
46. develop and master healthy coping skills that do not involve my ED.
47. get a massage.
48. see the nutcracker.
49. see swan lake.
50. start a gratitude journal.
51. have a thanksgiving, christmas, new years, season without any ED drama.
52. crochet/knit a blanket.
53. get Real soccer season tickets.
54. get a pedicure.
55. love and embrace my tummy inside and out (no matter what!).
56. see a broadway play.
57. read the miracle of forgiveness.
58. go to a concert.
59. sing karaoke.
60. get a tattoo (a small one).
61. paint a painting on a canvas and hang it up.
62. go to a comedy club.
63. go to the beach on the west coast.
64. go to the beach on the east coast.
65. color a whole coloring book.
66. collect recipes.
67.visit brother and sister-in-law in Illinois.
68. visit sister and brother-in-law in New York.
69. have a picnic at the park.
70. get more involved in genealogy and research my ancestors and "where I'm from".
71. finish my inspiration collage, frame it, and hang it up.
72. dance and play in a rainstorm!
73. go to an amusement park.
74. finish my scrapbooks.
75. find and work at a job/career that I enjoy.
76. go to a live taping of one of my favorite talk shows.
77. go to New York City for fashion week!
78. learn to embrace my imperfections.
79. walk around temple square during the christmas holiday.
80. go swimming and feel comfortable in my bathing suit.
81. get a subscription for the ensign.
82. make drapes for the two windows in my room.
83. have a lifetime movies marathon.
84. get out of debt (pay off all medical bills).
85. go to the park and swing!
86. donate blood (be healthy enough to...)
87. try new foods.
88. find a partner and start to play tennis again.
89. learn how to do my own taxes (so my dad doesn't have to keep doing them).
90. buy me some cute victorias secrets underwear.
91. spend a day at the zoo.
92. free-lance write for magazines and other publications.
93. get University of Utah gymnastics season tickets.
94. eat at a restaurant with friends and enjoy it without panicking or having extreme anxiety.
95. catch snowflakes on my tongue.
96. go to the park with my nieces and nephews.
97. go ice skating.
98. learn to not obessively re-organize things.
99. help raise ED awareness.
100. in the next five years I hope to be living a life without my eating disorder!


  1. Awesome list! It makes me want to write one!

  2. I love reading these. This is such a good list--I would love to take ballet or some kind of dance lessons but I always feel like I'm way too old...

  3. Looks like some pretty good motivation for recovery to me! ;) It also makes me want to do one, but there is something holding me up...I'm not quite sure what it is, I'll have to do some pondering.

  4. 100 shoes?! Hehe I like the 'feel the fear and do it anyway' one - have you read the book? I was going to then a support worker in treatment 'borrowed' it and never gave it back...grrr

    Sarah x

  5. I especially like no. 100 and the one about owning 100+ pairs of shoes :)

  6. [77. go to New York City for fashion week!] GREAT idea!
    Feel the Fear is a great book, its helped me so much. Another great one by the same author, Susan Jeffers, is Embracing Uncertainty. Lots of helpful 'sayings' to help get through the day.