Friday, April 16, 2010

The Great (liquid intake) Debate

It's been almost three weeks since my commitment to my treatment team and myself to not drink caffeine anymore. It's been a loooooong few weeks and I still miss my caffeine terribly (my diet coke, diet pepsi, & diet mountain dew), but as each day continues to go by - I still long for it (some days more than others) but I am starting to get used to not having it in my life. (did I just say that!?!) I have slipped a few times, but the slips were very small & I have immediately gotten back on track.

Drinking enough liquids throughout the day has been very much a struggle for me! I didn't realize just how much of my daily liquids consisted of my diet sodas (let's just say it was 90% and that is not an exaggeration unfortunately...) This kind of hit me in the face when the first couple days I was off caffeine, I probably had one glass of water total a day. So I knew that wasn't good either! My treatment team is always asking if I am drinking enough and I always say "yes, I'm trying too!" But I also always omitted the fact that my liquid intake was mostly diet sodas. Because I knew I would get in trouble. But I don't really like water, and I feel bloated when I drink alot of it, (and that's why I am having a hard time drinking enough still - even with the Crystal Light). I am not justifying my behavior here, I am just explaining it.

A couple days after my caffeine restrictions came about, I went to the store and bought like a gazillion different boxes of Crystal Light. All different flavors. And since then, for these past few weeks, I have been averaging two 16.9 fl oz water bottles per day (don't worry, I re-use the water bottles). And three if I am having a good day and really pushing myself. I realize that most days, I am drinking just under half of what the doctor wants me to be drinking but in my defense, I am trying and it's better than nothing!

Now, when I say most of my liquids consisted of diet sodas, I am not exaggerating BE-cause:

- I have a tough time drinking things that have calories.
- In my mind they are "extra & unnecessary" calories.
- I have been this way for a very long time & therefore it's firmly ingrained in my brain...
- I have a tough time drinking milk, fruit juices, any kind of juice, flavored waters, - if it has calories in it and I could drink a diet soda or water instead - hmm, guess what I would pick!
- Except Starbucks! For some odd reason, Starbucks (and hot chocolate) is usually okay (but I didn't even drink that very much and when I do have it - I take those calories into account and have it instead of food).

It's something I am trying to change. It's something my treatment team has always been getting me to try to change. I don't have an issue with drinking them every once in a while, but not on a daily basis. Now, I try not to write numbers (or things of that nature) on my blog so I won't write the number of calories in Crystal Light but, I am sure you all know what it is anyways (haha) but let's just say it's hardly any! So I am completely and totally okay with drinking it.

Yesterday morning in therapy we were talking about this and he asked me if I knew how many calories were in Kool-Aid. I said "Not right off the top of my head but I could guess-timate." I haven't had Kool-Aid since I was a kid so I am not familiar with the exact nutritional content in it. He challenged me to drink one glass of Kool-Aid a day for two whole weeks without looking up how many calories or grams of sugar are in it. Umm, that's pretty much an impossibility because if you know me at all, you would know that I can't do that! I might be able to for a few days, but would eventually find it out the info - cause this girl just gots to know what she is eating and drinking!!!

It's something I am working on and hope to become less obsessive about. But I already failed his challenge because this morning when I got to my volunteer job I looked up the nutritional info for Kool-Aid (oops!) but I am still going to do part of his challenge and drink a glass a day for two weeks. Come on, I'm trying to be a team player here! : )


ps- the weather outside has been warm for the past few days and that makes this girl SUPER happy!


  1. I have days where all I drink is diet coca cola, and I'll drink at least a whole 2 litre bottle to myself. Recently I've given myself the challenge of NOT drinking as much coca cola, and drinking more water, because I realised that it wasn't necessarily the coca cola that I wanted, I just wanted to drink something out of a bottle. So now I carry my bottle of water around with me all the time, and I rarely drink coca cola, in comparison to how much I used to drink. It is really hard to get out of it though... I do love my coca cola, although I'm not really sure why!

    Good luck with your Kool-Aid challenge!

    Love, Petal xo

  2. Good luck on the Kool-Aid challenge. That's awesome that you're going to give it a try! Hey that's a great step in the right direction. You can do this! :) HUGS!!!

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  4. AH! I think this is fantastic. (Please note that I'm not being excited about the fact that you are afraid of liquid calories, or that your diet soda was taken away from you.)

    But the fact that I my am afraid of liquid calories. I can't remember the last time I drank something with calories in it. And I drink at least a liter, often 2, of diet coke a day.

    And I am not excited that this has happened to you, but rather that I am not alone in the universe, because I would rather eat apples and fruit than go on a juice fast, and no one that I was in treatment could understand my like of solid foods more than liquids. Maybe you don't like solid foods either, which in understandable, and now I'm rambling and I'm sorry, I just haven't heard anyone explicitly say they don't like liquid calories, because to me they are unnecessary as well.

    Love, Andy

  5. Progress is progress right? I think you're doing great.

  6. go get 'em tiger! i love you!