Friday, April 30, 2010

A special place in my heart

(The lucky seven in this story - I sure had my hands full!)

Yesterday I got up early and got over to my older sister's house by 6:30 in the morning. Keep in mind, I am so not a morning person and therefore, was still half-asleep! She needed me to tend the kids while her and my brother-in-law had somewhere they needed to be all morning. I try and help out and babysit when I can, but it's unusual for me to have all seven kids at the same time. Honestly, I think my sister is amazing because these kids have so much energy and they wear me out after only spending a few hours with them! My sister is an inspiration to me! All three of my sisters and my sister-in-law all are actually!!
Shortly after I got there, the kids started to wake up. The oldest, Arianna, is twelve. I drove her to middle school while Timmy, the 11 year old, watched the other kids. I got back and helped the others get breakfast, get ready for school, and changed diapers. Well, truth be told, I bribed the two oldest to change the diapers for me because this girl is not a fan of changing diapers!

Then Timmy, Gracie, & Chrissy left for school. I played with the younger three for another hour and then at 9 a.m. little Sammy went off to pre-school (someone came to pick him up). So I just had Derek and Zachy for the rest of the morning. It was more calm when I just had the younger two. It can sure be overwhelming with all the kids because they all have so much energy so early in the morning! Geez Louise! But I love them so much!

It's hard to be the only one out of the five of us siblings not married (I am the middle child). And I do worry so much that I might not even be able to get pregnant because of all the damage I have done to my body - and it doesn't help that through most of my teen years and my 20's I haven't had a period....... but I do hope to get married and be a mom. It's something that has been so important to me since I was a little girl. I know 29 years old is still kind of, sort of young - but not when you live in a state (Utah) where most people get married and start having babies in their early 20's.

I love my nieces and nephews so much! I love when I come over and they run up to me and give me big hugs and say "Aunt Jenny's here!" I love when they come and sit on my lap when we are watching a movie. I love when they call me on the phone or when they want me to play with them. I love all the hugs and kisses they give me and when they tell me they love me.

The love of a child is so special because they love you no matter what! It's such an unconditional love and they don't care that I make mistakes or that I am not perfect. They love me regardless. And I want so much to be a good role model for them! All of them, but especially the girls. I don't want them to live with any of the struggles that my illness has brought in to my life. I want to protect them from those things. I want so much more for them! And I miss the two little guys who live in another state because I don't get to see them as often as the others. But my love for them is just as strong! They are pretty special little guys with two amazing parents!
I love all eleven of my nieces and nephews. And this post is dedicated to every single one of them (Arianna, Timmy, Chrissy, Gracie, Sammy, Derek, Zach, Kaitlynn, Halle, Preston, & Parker) with lots & lots of hugs and kisses from their Aunt Jenny.


  1. Jenn, this is so beautiful and so special!
    I am DELIGHTED to find that you have an abundance of nieces and nephews to shower UNCONDITIONAL LOVE onto YOU - as YOU DESERVE IT so very much. I am also thrilled with how much they mean to you and that you are able to open up and love them, despite all else that is going on.
    I think its so therapeutic, as when you are with children or animals, you tend to LIVE IN THE MOMENT, something we, with the ED, tend NOT to do very often.
    PROUD of you for taking on all seven of them to start with in the morning and I am deeply glad that you enjoyed your time together so much!
    This post brought a huge smile to my face, I love the thought of you getting hugs, kisses, non-judgmental love and acceptance - YAY!!

    Love you heaps, Jenn.
    Jennifer xxoo

  2. What adorable kids! And how lucky they are to have you as an aunty...

    Sarah x