Saturday, April 3, 2010

volunteering update

I am still loving my volunteering job. I like being helpful and useful - it makes me happy.

Also, I haven't had many run-ins with people here besides the doctor that I have previously mentioned and a couple of the nurses who took care of me. But they have been nice and they just smile and say hi (even though I know they are thinking "there is that crazy girl who wouldn't eat...") But I have decided not to worry about it because what happened happened and I shouldn't be embarrassed. I know, easier said than done, but I am working on it.



  1. Glad that you are still loving it!

  2. Great attitude to have! Every time you see someone who took care of you and you feel a little insecure, think "you dont know me, fool!" (use hardcore gangsta accent in your head).

  3. I think most people in the helping professions don't see you as "crazy" -- I certainly don't. :) I see you as someone having to deal with something I'm lucky enough NOT to. Love ya!