Friday, May 14, 2010

i just want to say...

I found out that I got the job a couple of days ago! I am super excited and relieved! At the end of this month it will have been a year(!) since I was laid off. And even though about half of that time was spent doing lots of intensive treatment and therefore, I didn't have the time or energy - and I was way too sick - to hold a full-time job, the last few months have been really tough because I have been applying and interviewing for jobs and none of them were working out in my favor. I had started to get really discouraged but finally... I got a job! And I really think it's going to be a good, stable, and busy job for me. Here is the scoop:

I found out about the job from the hospital that I volunteer at. The hospital I volunteer at is Jordan Valley Medical Center. The place I will be working at is Pioneer Valley Hospital which is a campus of Jordan Valley Medical Center. It's a smaller hospital but one of the things I like about Pioneer is it is one of the few hospitals here in the area that I have never been a patient or had an appointment at, I have never been admitted, & I have never been to the emergency room so... no one there knows me because of my illness! And even though it's owned by the same company as Jordan Valley (whom know me quite well from my illness) it's a separate hospital so no one knows me. And that makes this girl super happy! Because it has been a bit awkward volunteering at Jordan Valley and running into people, you know?

I will be working in the medical records department. There are only a handful of people in the entire department so it will keep me super busy and I will have a lot of responsibility. Which is good because I like to be busy and always have stuff to do. And I like feeling like I am an important part of the company and that what I do matters. It's a job that requires a lot of organization and attention to detail - which are things that I am good at.

The schedule will be a bit different than what I am used to because it will be Wednesday through Sunday. But it will work out perfectly when I am trying to set up appointments with all the people on my treatment team! It's always a challenge when you work a 9-5 Monday through Friday job - because you usually have to take time off from work to get to appointments (because these people don't schedule appointments in the evening or weekends usually). And especially during the times when I have to be seeing all these people weekly it makes it so difficult to do that! So I will have Monday and Tuesday off and can schedule all my appointments during those two days. Even though lately, I have been avoiding my treatment team like the plague. Because I have been struggling so much and I don't want them to be angry or disappointed with me. And I don't want them to start up with the threats of hospitalization again - which I know is what will happen when they find out how horribly I have been slipping this past little while.

I start training and orientation on Monday, and the first couple weeks will be Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5pm. But then after that I will move into my regular schedule which will be kinda unique because it's
Wednesday: 8:30am - 5pm
Thursday: 8:30am - 5pm
Friday: 6am - 4 or 5pm
Saturday: I pick my hours (but it will be about 10ish since I work at both hospitals)
Sunday: I pick my hours (but it will only be like 4 or 5 hours)
(and Sat and Sun I will be over at Jordan Valley helping them out with their E.R. paperwork and files).

But I like that it's different and that a couple of days will be at a different hospital (even though it's Jordan Valley) so it kind of keeps things interesting, you know? It won't be so monotonous. It will take a little getting used to though for sure! And as excited as I am - I am already feel an enormous amount of pressure because my boss was hesitant in hiring me when she saw my resume and the inconsistent job history but I didn't want to say "Well, it's because I have been in and out of treatment from anorexia since I was younger..." That is not something I want anyone at my new job knowing - especially because I will be working with health professionals! I don't want them looking at me and talking about me. I don't want them trying to fix me or criticize me. I don't want them to know - simple as that! So I feel a lot of pressure to be perfect and do my job so well that she doesn't regret hiring me and giving me this chance. I don't want to let her down! And adding to this pressure is the fact that I am struggling so much and have been slipping and sliding fast downward. I am trying to get a handle on it, and I hope that this job will be a good distraction & motivation to help me to get on top of things and back onto the road of recovery.
Anyways, there is the scoop. That is the big news of the moment for this girl. I am nervous but excited to start this new job on Monday! And of course I will keep everyone updated on how it goes - so wish me luck!! And I know that all y'all out there who kept their fingers crossed for me really helped so... thanks everyone!


  1. Good for you hun, so proud of you! I got a new job too and start on monday. I am nervous excited, if that makes sense. I will be working again back in administration at a univeristy I used to work for. It is the same as my old job, which I loved the work, just not the mean old horrible boss. I'm happy for both of us :-)

  2. Congrats on landing the job! I can understand not wanting people to know about your history with ED, I wouldn't be comfortable with everyone knowing either, especially going into a new job. So I guess it's lucky that your job is somewhere that nobody knows you.
    It's also good that the work schedule means you can still seee your treatment team. I know it's difficult to do, but it's when you're struggling that you need to see the professionals even more. Otherwise things could continue going downhill, and if that happens you're going to have to deal with them anyway. Better to see them sooner rather than later, and together work on a way to get you back on track.

    Take care,
    Cassie x

  3. It is awesome that you got the job!

    As far as what to tell people (or not tell them) -- no one needs to know why you weren't working for a year. With the shitty economy, that's excuse enough. Tell them that you were also taking some 'me' time and trying to figure out what direction to go, and then once you did, it just took some time. I was unemployed for almost a year once (one week from my one year anniversary I started working again!).

    Now, you're struggling. You're going to be working a lot, so you NEED to keep your nutrition up. It's not going to last long if you don't, Jenn. Just keep plugging away at it. And stop avoiding your treatment team! Avoidance does nothing but breed guilt.

  4. Wahay you go girl! Congrats :-) I too have just finally secured a job (I think..) so celebrations all around.

    Remember you'll need plenty of energy and nutrition to make this work - it's a good motivation for recovery.

    Sarah x

  5. Awesome, Jenn! I'm a bit behind reading my blog list, but still wanted to congratulate you! Hope it goes well!