Monday, May 3, 2010

"You only fail if you stop trying"

Yesterday in church someone mentioned this quote "you only fail if you stop trying" and it's something that I have heard a lot in recovery - especially from my current therapist, as it seems to be one of his favorite phrases. I love this quote and it can (at times) be a source of comfort for me... but sometimes, it's so hard to believe that I am not a failure when I keep making the same mistakes over and over and I always feel like I am coming up short in life and recovery.

And even though life (and especially the ed) tends to knock me down...a lot!, and even though sometimes (lots of times actually) it takes me longer than it should to get back up - Somehow, I always find the strength to get back up and to keep fighting - And that's what matters! And hopefully, as I get further into recovery, the length of time that I stay on the ground will become shorter and the falls (slips & relapses) won't happen as often. That is my deepest hope, at least.

I haven't figured out how to stay in recovery...yet, and even though I am struggling daily to find that strong and lasting grip on recovery - I have to believe that I will someday. Because the only other option is to fall completely back into the ed, and we all know, some of us know this a little too well, the eating disorder's only end goal is death. And that can't be an option for me. I won't let it be an option for me! And this quote below is one that I try to lean on (and repeat very often to myself) when I am feeling overwhelmed in recovery and in life and I feel like, once again, I am coming up short.
And I hope it can be a source of comfort to all of you who are struggling as well. I believe in all of you (more than I believe in myself a lot of the time...) and I know that all of us can find a way out of this madness - it just might take longer than we had hoped it would. But once we finally get there - and for those of you who are there, or are close to being there - I know it will be amazing!!

with lots of love and lots of hugs,


  1. This quote is a brilliant one, and it's helped me through many difficult times, not just recovering from the eating disorder, but life in general, and I'm glad it helped you.

    Sarah x

  2. I like the positivity of this post. Nice quote! Keep fighting Jenn, you will beat the ED :)
    Take care,
    Cassie x

  3. AH you are AMAZING Jenn! I loved this and the quote is so good. Another one I've heard is:

    “Fall seven times and stand up eight.” - Japanese Proverb

    Some days all that matters is you get back up and keep moving forward. This was a great post and I just feel the courage and positive voice coming through. Keep up the good work! You can do this! HUGS!!!

  4. "I haven't figured out how to stay in recovery...yet"

    oh girl... i could have written that line... i can get to, through, work on recovery... but how in the world does one stay IN recovery...

    keep working hard girl, you got strength and COURAGE and i have a feeling you know you CAN DO IT!!!

  5. i love this quote! so true!
    and yes, as long as you keep fighting, it means you are surviving.. and thats an amazing feat!

  6. awesome post. i agree you will fail when you seize effort. while neither of us chose to have an eating disorder we have sole choice in our behaviors. you either try or you dont. awesome post... :) keep chuggin soldier!