Friday, May 28, 2010

this girl needs to...

find a way to let go of the

from her past

so she can finally let go of the chains
and finally learn to love herself

and this girl needs to be
brave enough
strong enough
willing enough

to be able to truly, fully, & entirely(!)
confront and understand those issues
she needs to feel those feelings(!)
instead of running away when treatment gets too hard, too scary, too painful
and back into the safe familiar comfort of the ed

because that is the only way she can truly move on
she needs to truly believe that some of the painful memories from her past
that she still holds on to, that still continue to hurt her & haunt her
were not her fault
and she didn't deserve those things that happened to her

maybe then... she she can finally heal the hurt
and finally be able to let go


  1. this is so inspiring. i need to do all these things too. maybe we can support each other? -holly

  2. This girl you speak of...I know she can do it!!

  3. Amen! You are such a rare and beautiful person (we are all rare and beautiful)! Consider yourself an endangered species. After all, there is only one of you. Give yourself the chance you deserve! You are worth fighting for!

  4. You can SO do this. I know you can. It is possible, though I know it's hard. It feels like taking a step back and forward all the time. You are doing so amazingly and I know you can keep going.

  5. You are already brave and strong Jenn...and it's so true, letting go is important. It's not easy, but not impossible either, and I have every faith that you can and will do it.

    Sarah x

  6. anty up girl! you are strong capable and can do any and everything you wish from yourself. it is surely possible and knowing what you want is a great step!

    accepting it is the biggest part. when you accept you past, present and potential you have for an AMAZING future, you realize everything you can do and want to do. you have to accept everything about you, what you come with- your total package...and you will be unstoppable! <3

  7. yes yes yes! i love this post! you can do it!!!!