Monday, December 13, 2010

birthday celebrations!

Just a little glimpse from my birthday weekend...

A few of my best friends and I right before we left to go out to celebrate my birthday on Saturday night. We had SO much fun, and laughed so much at the comedy club we went to!

these are some of the most amazing gals, who's love and friendship has truly helped save me and they have been there for me throughout the ups & downs of my recovery - I am lucky & blessed to have them as my friends. Seriously!


My family and I celebrated my birthday, on Sunday (which is my actual birthday).
I love my neices and nephews...and here are just some of the adorable troublemakers! (lol)
smiling in every picture is soooo boring so... funny face time y'all!!
  Here is just one of the many fabulous gifts that I got. I sure do love my hot chocolate, coffee, & my tea! And now I can make so many more delicious flavors to share with others and enjoy myself... yummy! ; )
make a wish!!
(don't ask about the's a long story. but bless my momma's heart for trying to do something different even though it didn't quite work)
It was a great weekend full of lots of surprises and so much love from many of my family and friends! Thanks everyone for
showing a girl how special and loved she truly is.

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