Tuesday, August 2, 2011

injured and feeling restless

A week ago, while I was at the gym, I pulled some muscles in my thigh pretty badly. I have been trying to rest as much as I can (well, trying to at least...) but it's been hard for me. I am an active person. I am not good at being sedentary for too long before I want to get up and do something! I know I need to let my body heal and recover before I try to be too active... but even walking around or sitting in certain positions are painful. I am getting very restless. And it's affecting my mood :(

I have been feeling anxious about not being able to exercise at all for a couple of weeks... maybe longer... Which makes me wonder if I am starting to become addicted to exercising again, or if I just miss the "feel good" endorphins I get from my workouts. I don't know. Maybe my body is using this as a way to warn me that I have been pushing myself too much. Or maybe it's just a stupid, annoying injury and has nothing to do with over-exercising. I don't know. It does make me wonder though.

I am trying to listen to my body, be patient, & do what I need to to take care of it - because my body knows what it needs to heal itself, and I need to trust my body! (which is still really hard for me sometimes). But maybe this is my body testing me and saying "Okay Jenn, let's see how you handle this roadblock. Are you gonna listen to me and trust me this time, or are you gonna let the ed thoughts creep back in and try to take control?"


  1. Jenn, I can totally relate! This past Spring, I was really struggling to keep my exercise under control and in moderation. I was pushing myself way too hard, and I ended up getting hurt pretty badly. On top of having shin splints all the time from running way too much, I also hurt my hip and shoulder really badly. Like you, I can't sit still for very long, and I get incredibly anxious and restless. So I ignored the injuries and horrible pain, and kept working out. After about a week of that, I couldn't walk or move my arm at all. It was AWFUL! I was kicking myself in the butt for weeks because I knew if I had just taken a few days off like I was supposed to, I wouldn't have put more strain on the injuries and I would have been able to be back in some sort of routine sooner. But because I was so hard-headed and insisted on pushing myself to the limit, I ended up being totally unable to exercise AT ALL for weeks. Not cool. I'm much more conscious of little aches and pains now, and I make myself slow down or reevaluate how I'm exercising so that I don't have to totally give it up again.

    I know it sucks and it's miserable to feel like you're being so sedentary all the time! But I bet you can think of some pretty good ways to reduce your anxiety and not feel completely restless for a few days. I don't know about you, but I'd absolutely rather have four or five annoying days off than weeks of misery!

    Take care, girl :)

  2. My dear Dad puts me to shame and is incredibly active and a jogger. By all accounts he is a grumpy git when he cannot go for a run. I think it is a general feeling. Even little Miss Sedentary here is missing her dog walks, and everything feels like it is seizing up. I think exercise lends itself to becoming addictive in many ways, which is fine as long as it is healthy. Let everything heal. Is there any gentle exercise you could do which wouldn't upset the thighs? A float and a splash in a pool somewhere? Be gentle with yourself, Jenn. xx P

  3. Dearest Jenn,
    First and foremost I hope you recover from your injury soon xx It is only natural to feel the way you do at this time. I think the body has an amazing ability to take over and protect itself even if the mind is working against this notion. You are a kind and beautiful woman who can beat anything the ED throws at you(including this roadblock). Stay strong sweetie xoxo