Thursday, September 15, 2011

let's try this... again

I know this is going to sound familiar to a lot of you who know me but... I am determined to get it right this time! Seriously. Today is day one of no more diet coke (... and diet pepsi, diet mountain dew, diet dr. pepper... lol).

Throughout my recovery, I have been trying to learn to not have an "all or nothing" thought process (because as we all know, that's a big thing with eating disorders). I have tried, and tried... and tried to only drink diet soda sparingly - only to fail miserably every single time. 

I really should not be drinking it at all due to health issues (caused by my ed...) And the simple fact that it's just not very healthy (for anyone really). But I love it so much! It seems, in regards to diet soda, I need to just stop drinking it. Completely. Because every time I have tried this in the past, I always start off really good and only have it every once in a while. But before I know it. I am drinking a lot of it every day again, and I am back into my addiction to it. (*sigh*) So wish me luck, because this is gonna be really tough. But I am gonna do it! I will be healthier because of it. I need to do this for me. Besides, there are a lot of other yummy things to drink like... water, juice, milk... right???


  1. A REGULAR soda sounds fantastic... Diet soda is awful. But, if it is soda all together and not just diet drinks, I can support you with that, too. I find it helpful to do half and half water and juice. It makes the juice last longer, saves money, and is more thirst quenching.

  2. that sounds tough... I'm addicted to diet drinks too. when i was about 15 16 i went about a year or so without any caffeine soda's... that was easy then. If there is any way I can help support you with this goal let me know...
    I have the all or nothing gene (i dunno what to call it) so I can understand how frustrating things can be when you see it as all or nothing. Look for the positive give yourself a pat on the back for working on this goal.

  3. Hi Jenn, I'm Alli :) Not sure if I've ever commented here before, but you've been on my Google Reader for awhile now so I thought I'd chime in and stop lurking!

    I can totally relate to your diet soda addiction. I used to LOVE Diet 7UP and drink it several times a day. Then I started picking up my boyfriend's random habit of always have a glass of water by my side. It started to grow on me, having a chug of water every few minutes, without even realizing. After I was totally hydrated for several weeks, I realized that my energy level had NOTICEABLY increased, I felt less bloated (I have so much stomach issues, so that was amazing), and I just felt healthier and more pure. Every now and then I have my Diet 7UP (usually mixed with gin on the weekends, hehe) or with dinner once a week or so, but I almost always pour 1/2 - 3/4 of it down the drain because just a few sips has become sufficient for me. I crave that hydrated feeling! Seriously, just buy a reusable water bottle if you don't already have one, and just keep it full and by your side at all times and mix it in there with your diet sodas and see how you feel! I never, ever thought I'd be a water drinker, but now I never, ever leave the house without my water bottle :)
    Good luck!
    - Alli