Sunday, September 18, 2011

nervous but excited

I am going rock climbing outside for the first time today! I am really excited(!) ...but nervous. I have been learning, practicing, and trying to build up my endurance and strength at an indoor rock gym for the past few months and now, I am going to finally try it outside! I am nervous because it is a lot different outside, and I still don't think my arms are as strong as they need be- but I'm excited at the same time so... here I go!!!


  1. Outside rock climbing is the BEST! Especially at night when you can get to the top of a ledge, turn out your headlight, and feel like your floating in darkness with the stars. AMAZING! Hope you have fun.

  2. Have fun!! I've only ever been indoors, so I'm not going to lie... I'm kind of jealous.

    Isn't it great what our bodies can do?