Sunday, May 27, 2012

ED activist/sufferer/survivor Book Review

This is a book that I got in treatment.  I have read it over and over... and over.  And I still continue to read it when I need a little extra encouragement.  My copy is highlighted, circled, underlined, written in with my own thoughts, certain pages are dog-eared... let's just say it's been used a lot!  I have had the opportunity to meet the author, talk with her, & hear her inspiring words and music. 

Her name is Jenni Schaefer. She is someone who I think is such a beautiful example of recovery and using her voice to raise awareness, to educate, & to support others who are struggling.  The book is "Life Without ED" and if you haven't read it, I really encourage you to go out and get it today!  She also has a second book that is just as good called "Goodbye ED, Hello Me."   Which I also think you should go out and get!  Her words are powerful, but they are also very relatable.  I recommend this book to anyone struggling with an eating disorder.


  1. Hmm, sounds interesting. I like how she says that is possible to be fully recovered as many doctors say that it isn't possible and that makes me sad.
    Not sure if i'll ever read this book though, but maybe if i have to order something on Amazon i could put it in the basket too!

  2. I've shared this with some friends because the books seem excellent.