Friday, May 11, 2012

i want you to understand that...

I want you to understand that...
all of you inspire me so much.

I have met so many strong, courageous, beautiful people through the blog world (and also through treatment) and it has been a blessing to me in my life.  I have had my friends, my family, my treatment team, and other people who have supported me and been a source of comfort and strength - but NOTHING compares to people who have been through the same thing.  People who truly understand what you are feeling, thinking, & struggling with.  But all of you do, and I cherish that.  

Not only have you helped me to find recovery - but you have also helped me stay in recovery.  When I read your words, your thoughts, your advice, your struggles, your ups, and your downs... I find strength in them.  I find comfort in them.  I find strength in YOU.  No matter where you are in your recovery, you have helped me and I thank you for that.  I thank you for sharing your story and your struggles.  I thank you for sharing the milestones and victories.  I thank you for being YOU and letting me be a part of that.  I know recovery is possible.  It is possible for ALL of us.  And as long as we stick together, and fight this fight -  nothing can stand in our way!   


  1. I am loving this challenge and all the blogging you're doing!!!

  2. Almost a year ago I was very lost. You were the first person who read some of my posts and made me feel that I was no longer so alone in recovery from an eating disorder. I hope you know just how much I appreciated it and just how much you inspire me, so I thank-YOU Jenn! xo