Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Someday I...


Someday I hope to...
get married and raise a family of my own.
continue strengthening my recovery, and living a healthy & happy life.
continue to pursue my dreams and my passions.
get involved in some kind of humanitarian work.
 do everything I can to be a voice & raise awareness,
and support those who are struggling with eating disorders & addictions.

Someday I hope too...
Live life to the fullest.
Always stay grateful for all of my blessing and never take anything for granted.
Let go of the hurt and pain from my past and allow myself to heal.
Be able to truly love myself inside and out (imperfections and all).
Hold the people & things that matter to me close to my heart - always.
And to... live, love, & laugh often!


  1. Someday, I KNOW you will have all this and more <3

  2. Beautiful post!
    Those are great goals. <3

  3. Such great motivation for recovery! <3 Ox

  4. Dear girl, my greatest wish for you is have all these things and I really believe someday you will xo