Friday, June 1, 2012


Change can be...
scary, overwhelming, hard & painful

But change can ALSO be...
powerful, freeing, brave, inspiring, uplifting, strong, courageous & hopeful

Change can be a very scary thing.  Very scary!  It takes us away from our "routines."  It takes us away from the "safety" of what we know and are familiar with.  But with change comes growth.  We can't grow without change.  We need change in our lives to move forward.  To strengthen ourselves.  And to help strengthen others.  With change comes opportunities.  Change is a good thing!  Change is something we need to learn to embrace and let grow! 

I know for me, even though I still struggle sometimes with change (...I think it's natural to) I am learning more and more as I trust in myself and I trust in change - that it really is such an important part of our personal growth.  If I had never allowed myself to change, I would not have found recovery.  I would not have been able to have a lot the experiences and met some of the people that I have.  I would not have become a stronger, more secure woman.  I would not have had a lot of the opportunities that I have had.  I have all of those things because I was brave enough to step out of my comfort zone (my "safe" routine) and I took chances.  I made changes. 

And I know YOU can too!  I want to challenge everyone out there (and myself too) to make those steps - even if they are little steps - to find the things in your life that could use some change, that could use some growth, and let yourself SHINE!  Let yourself grow!  Allow change to free you from the things that are still holding you captive.  Change can be a positive thing.  A good thing.  You just need to have faith and believe in it.  And believe in yourself.


  1. Where are you finding the Hungry for Change topics? I guess I could do a Google search but I'm being LAZY. I'm not sure I want to do it because I like to freestyle it, but maybe I'd like to do a few.

    1. if you look at my blog roll and scroll down to Actively Arielle's blog she has all the info and a link to all the words for the month. I think you should do it! Even if you just do a few ; ) There is also all of the words on the Hungry for Change's facebook page... you can find that on my facebook page. If you can't text me and I will help you find it ; )

  2. You are amazing! Keep trusting and believing in yourself. I'm so proud of you! Keep working it!!!

  3. I think I need to print this out and read it every morning, Jenn :-)

    For Erin, look here for the June challenge (which is a joint thing between HfC and Arielle Blair)