Sunday, June 17, 2012


This reminds me of recovery too.  In treatment they would always tell us that we needed to jump off the cliff.  To take chances.  To jump and find our wings as we fell.  And you NEED to in recovery.  The eating disorder clings to us as tightly as it can, it keeps us stuck, and it keeps us sick.  It is our comfort zone.  It is what we know.  And it's SO scary to let go of that and to take that leap.  But we NEED to.  It took me a really long time to jump.  I would creep out to the cliff.  I would stand at the edge.  I would put one foot over the edge.  I would even try to climb down...  But I would get scared and I would quickly climb back up & run to the "safety" of the eating disorder.  It wasn't until I actually jumped - that I really started to strengthen my recovery and myself.  It is so scary, but it is so worth it!  Because that's where recovery is, and it is waiting for you to take that leap!

To every end is a new beginning.  Yes, endings can be scary.  They can be sad.  They can be hard.  But they can ALSO be positive & good in your life.  If you let them, they can lead the way to new opportunities, new experiences, and second chances.  Maybe something is ending because it is unhealthy for you.  Or because you have learned all that you need to learn from it, and it's time to move forward.  Or sometimes... things just end and we don't know why.  Endings are a part of life.  But to every end is a new beginning.  And we just need to trust that in the end, things will work out the way they are supposed to.

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  1. I love the metaphor of the cliff! I know that I have crept out, and tried climbing (aka taking the easy way out or trying to work my way around REAL recovery), but I have realized that in order to get the REAL result of recovery, you have to fully dive in. I know that I have to expect to feel a little lost in those waters, because I have trained myself to "know" that estranged cliff so well, but I also know that I want life and freedom. I am so happy for how far you have come in your recovery! Although I don't know you well, you definitely inspire me to keep pushing on. I have reached phases of better recovery or times in which I was freely eating, but have only fallen back into relapses, because I never really wanted recovery nor knew what it meant or what it took. Now i do, and now I want it more than ever before :-)!