Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Sincerity is...


I think one of the most important qualities to have is sincerity.  But... I didn't have this while struggling with my eating disorder.  I couldn't.  I was dishonest.  I told people what I thought they needed and wanted to hear.  I was manipulative.  I HAD to be to protect my eating disorder.  It's still really hard for me to look back at the person I was back then, because I don't like that person.  I don't like the person my eating disorder turned me into.  That person isn't who I am deep inside.  I lost my true self when my eating disorder took over.  But in recovery, I found my true self.  I found the me that had been missing for so long.  And I hold all of these qualities that I listed above very close to me.  They are very important to me, and I try to be sincere in my thoughts, my words, & my actions.  I don't ever want to be that person again.  I want to be me.  I want to be sincere in everything I do.


  1. So good and inspirational to read. You are awesome!

  2. Loving your blog. It's so helpful to me :) I'm trying to develop a strong recovery along with a strong testimony in Christ (that my ED has done its best to take from me) - and reading your experiences has really helped. So thank you! I'm so happy you've got this far - you've given me true hope :) x

    1. i am glad that some of my words and experiences have helped. that really means so much to me <3

      i know that you will find strength in recovery and also strengthen your testimony in Christ. As long as you keep believing and keep taking steps each day towards it... you WILL get there! ; )don't let the ed take that away from you! it has already taken too much! it's your turn to be in the drivers seat and take those steps to pushing the ED - not only out of the drivers seat - but out of the car! ; )

  3. :) thank you so much for your message, i feel as though im never commenting and i know you update often with great posts like this one! hope you're doing okay. xoxox