Monday, July 2, 2012


This is one of my favorite songs.
It reminds me of recovery.
How incredibly scary it is to let go of something that was a part of you for so long 
and jump into the unknown world of recovery...

But believe me when I say that it IS worth it!
Recovery is where freedom is.
Where life is.  Where love is.   Where hope is.

It's our turn to be brave.


  1. Love the fact, that we both posted a song. :-)
    Btw, I accidentally deleted your comment, sorry... :-( I deleted the first post which had your comment on it because I couldn't figure out how to embed a video, hahaha. I googled a little and rewrote the post.
    How are you these days?

  2. I have never heard this song before... at this moment, it's hitting me in a rather profound way. Something to ponder. Thank you for posting it!