Thursday, January 3, 2013

BFW - empowerment, strength, & overcoming

Two things come to my mind when I look at this picture, and when I think about the words:


 I think of the word "freedom."  I think of the word growth.  I feel a sense of lightness - of no longer being weighed down by, not only my eating disorder, but ALL of the things that kept me quiet.  That kept me afraid.  That held me down, held me back from being free... from being alive.  And it wasn't until I found recovery that I started to experience what this freedom and lightness truly was.  What it truly felt like.  And it was amazing! 

Throughout my recovery, as I have been able to slowly - piece by piece- heal what was broken inside of me, I have felt this freedom and this lightness more and more... and more!  And I know that the more I continue to work on recovery, to continue healing, and to continue discovering who I am - the more I will feel these three words.  And not only feel them - but BELIEVE them, and LIVE them.

The other thing that I think of with this picture and these words is that as one we are fierce & strong.  But as women, when we band together... we are unstoppable!  We are unbreakable.  And that is something no one can take away from us.  When we love, support, and reach out our hands to each other - it is a bond that cannot be broken.  If we stick together, nothing can stop us!