Sunday, November 9, 2014

fan for life, no matter what

A lot of you know that I am a huge MLS soccer fan, and a huge Real Salt Lake fan.  And tonight was tough.  Really hard to watch.  The season ended in a really disappointing way but... I am still a fan and I always will be.  Through the good and the bad.  This time of the year is always a hard one for me because those soccer games are the place where I re-charge and they are what I look forward too at the end of each week.  I seriously think I go through withdrawals during the off-season - which is why I am glad that it's only 4 months.  And I get SO excited when March rolls around and a new season begins!  MLS soccer games are so fun to go to!  The atmosphere, the energy, the fans, the players, all of it!

From the first game of the season...  

 To going to all the games...

To getting to go out onto the field for fourth of july fireworks...

To watching some of the practices when I could get away from work...

 To meeting some of players throughout the season and getting a special tour inside their locker room...

And watching all of the away games...

Thanks for another fun and exciting season of soccer!  I can't wait to do it all again next year! =)
(And good luck to the 4 teams who are still in the playoffs!)

one of your biggest fans!!


  1. I love soccer too!! I find it SO much more exciting than football or baseball. Although, I am kind of a snob and prefer watching the European leagues - maybe because I don't have a local MLS team nearby to root for. I did love watching the national team in the world cup though! They did awesome. Hopefully there are enough soccer replays or hockey to tide you over until March :)

    1. I need to watch more of the European leauge if I can find the time, I love Messi a lot :) And the World Cup this year was pretty exciting to watch! :) do you have a favorite team or leauge you like more or do you watch it all?

    2. My favorite team is definitely Barca! I am a huge fan of the Messi/Neymar duo. So, I only really follow La Liga and the Champions League. I like PSG too although I haven't watched them play as regularly.

    3. neymar is pretty amazing too, so I will have to check it out! Thanks for the suggestion. I am the most familiar with mls and us soccer but I have been wanting to watch other leagues too.

  2. MLS... long way from a wet away game at Scunthorpe on a Tuesday night and losing 1-0 in the 89th minute... again! It looks so glamorous...

    1. Those games are heartbreaking! It’s hard to lose games that way… I’ve been to games like that when it’s been freezing and snowing. But I still love it! Soccer is the only thing I will stand out in the rain, cold, or snow for for two hours. Do you go to a lot of soccer games?

    2. I used to i was a Gillingham fc season ticket holder for some yrsrs